“You’re sitting too much on your skis, your butt is out too much, and your not turning your ankles enough.”

This is what I came to hear on a cold morning at an adult ski lesson at Bromley Mountain in southern Vermont. After a long hiatus that included welcoming two kids into the mix, last season was the first time I skied in years. With time I’ve become a somewhat overly cautious skier. I love skiing but I find myself sitting on the lift watching others carve down steep pitches with speed and poise knowing full well that I look nothing like that when I ski.  But I really want to and the honest feedback from my lesson at Bromley was just what I was seeking.

The selfless parents that we are, we allow nearly all of our energy (and money) to go towards making sure our kids are cared for, educated, and fed only the healthiest of foods. When it comes to learning to ski, you’ve probably spent a considerable amount making sure your kids are in a ski school program that fits their needs.

But what about mom and dad? Are you really the best skier YOU could be? Don’t you think it’s time you think of yourself, too?  Maybe – just like me –  you’ve been on the chair lift wondering with awe at the sheer skill and confidence it takes to glade ski well.

Adult Ski Lessons at Bromley

Ski School for Adults at Bromley

I’ve had the opportunity to take adult lessons at Bromley Mountain for the second season in a row and I can’t recommend their program enough.

If your kids are enrolled in one of the many ski and ride programs, take advantage of the down time and invest a little in yourself. The staff at Bromley are top notch and passionate about teaching others to ski and snowboard. There’s a reason families come back to this mountain year after year and the inclusive atmosphere that welcomes everyone from families to hipsters is definitely a big part of it. Ski school isn’t, and shouldn’t be, thought of as something just for kids. Programs, like those at Bromley, provide instructive classes with honest feedback geared for adults.

What to Expect from Adult Ski Lessons at Bromley

Regardless of ability, you will need to demonstrate your mountain skills, or lack there of, on the terrain learning park. This involves taking the magic carpet instead of a lift.


If you’ve never skied before, a private lesson (starting at $99 per hour) may be a good starting point.  This option is definitely the most expensive but having one-on-one time with someone will be well worth it and help you get on the slopes faster.

Another option for beginners is to enroll in the GET program (Guaranteed Easy Turns). For the same price as a private lesson, you’ll be placed in a 90 minute small group lesson on the terrain learning slope, receive rental ski equipment, and a limited lift ticket. There are some serious perks to this program including discounted lift ticket for future Bromley trips. I don’t have personal experience with this program but it seems like very affordable option and based on my experience with the instructors, you’ll walk away with a new confidence in your skiing ability.

If you’ve skied before and want to improve your technique and abilities, you should look into taking a 90 minute group lesson ($49 per lesson). This is another affordable option where you’ll be placed with one instructor and a small group of adults. The classes I’ve taken never had more than four participants and all skiers were largely of the same ability. During our recent visit, I wanted to improve the speed at which I turn and work on my skiing posture. With some minor technique changes and someone with an experienced eye correcting my stance, I was able to make big improvements during the rest of our weekend at Bromley. It was the honest feedback that I appreciated most as it was constructive in a non-intimidating way.

For women, the 2014-15 season is Bromley’s inaugural launch of a new Women’s Weekend where you can grab some girlfriends and learn to ski and snowboard with specially designed clinics and some meals.

You’re never too old for ski school!  This ski season allow yourself the opportunity to improve your skills while letting your kids improve theirs as well, and take advantage one of the excellent adult programs at Bromley Mountain.


  • Hi
    we are hoping to go skiing on Monday for the first time in many years, Bromley ski school is closed on Monday and Tuesday.
    Do you know of anyone doing private lessons?

    • Sorry for the late reply, but it would be worth calling the ski school in advance to see if they have any resources for you in terms of private lessons outside of their normal hours. There are also a few Facebook groups, like Ski the East, that are good for requests like these. Best of luck!

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