Free skiing and riding!

Up to 88 days at 17 Vermont mountains and Nordic centers!

Did I mention that it’s FREE?


Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport Program + your child = a whole season of fun

Now that I have your attention, let’s get down to specifics. We all know that lift tickets aren’t cheap. And not everyone wants to buy a seasons pass, especially if you don’t live in or near Vermont or want to try skiing at a number of different mountains.

If you’ve got a fifth grader in the house, you can help offset the cost of tickets by applying for a Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport. There is a small processing fee ($11 for applying online) and you must provide proof that your child is enrolled in fifth grade. But you don’t have to live in Vermont to apply, which makes my Delaware family very happy.

Passports are good from December 1 through May 1 and include three tickets for all of the downhill resorts and one to three tickets for the Nordic centers.

Individual resorts do have some blackout dates during holiday periods, but non-holiday weekends and the entire month of March are not blacked-out for any resort, so there’s plenty of time to take advantage. In fact, the passport is the perfect excuse to try out ski resorts in Vermont that you haven’t yet visited.

Learn more about the program and apply.

Give your child a sense of accomplishment & excitement

What’s really cute is that the Ski Vermont Passport is actually a little booklet, just like the real variety. My son Teddy is the kind of kid who loves to collect things, whether that’s belts and medals in karate or Pokemon cards. I know he’s going to enjoy marking off each day of skiing and then keeping the passport as a souvenir.

Teddy can't wait to use his Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport
Teddy can’t wait to use his Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport

In 2015-16, we’ve got trips planned to Mad River Glen, Sugarbush Resort, Bromley Mountain, Magic MountainSaskadena Six Ski Area, and Smugglers’ Notch Resort. From north to south throughout the state Teddy will have lift tickets waiting for him wherever he goes. It’s just one more way to build his enthusiasm for skiing – and it will also offer a big savings for our family.

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