Staying toasty on the slopes in my Kombi base layer!
Staying toasty on the slopes in my Kombi base layer!

Living in Upstate New York I’m used to cold, long winters and for the most part you layer up and deal with it. But things changed last winter as I was back on the slopes after a long hiatus and needed to have some real warm weather gear. It was also the first winter my kids started skiing and our skiing destinations were largely in Vermont. I had a chance to try out the Kombi Barrier Weight Base Layer set last year and the idea of “dealing with winter” is gone. The key to embracing New England winters is to stay active outdoors and smartly layer up. Whether your skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, or out for a winter hike, you need a heavy weight Kombi base layer in your gear box to keep all of those body parts warm and safe.KOMBI_GLOVES_YOU.pngThe pants and top from Kombi provide the best technology possible using a merino wool fleece interior to keep you warm and a moisture wicking outer layer to keep you dry. The inner fleece lining keeps you incredibly warm while still allowing the maximum level of movement. Both the pants and top were made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend.

I wore both layers as a base and was able to wear the Kombi base layer pant with just my snow pants and focused my layering on the top more.

Kombi-Barrier-Weight-Base-Layer_thumb.pngI found that the Kombi top runs a bit on the small side. I’m a solid medium size woman who happens to be a bit “well endowed” on top. I would have benefited from ordering up a size to a large. Once my other layers came off I looked a little like Sofia Vergara with the 1/4 length zipper open on the top as it was a little snug and even a sports bra wasn’t helping this. The pants fit true to size and are incredibly comfortable.

Although I think having several different base layer weights is important, if I had to pick the most essential item, I would stock up on a Kombi Barrier Weight Base Layer for every member of your family!


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