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Ski and snowboard gear options can be overwhelming, making it hard to choose the right ones for you family. The Mamas and their families have tried so many  products out there and want to share some of their favorite finds with you.  Whether looking for the right skis for Mom and Dad, wondering how to keep everyone toes from freezing, or trying to figure out how to manage the gear you’ve already acquired, the Mamas are here to help.

Rossignol Pursuit TI Skis
Rossignol Pursuit TI Skis

Rossignol Pursuit TI Skis/Xelium Bindings – Mara

My husband Matt grew up in Wisconsin without a mountain in sight. So I thought he was being a very good sport when, at 43, he decided to learn to downhill ski at the same time as our two sons. And you can only imagine my delight when he almost instantly fell in love with my favorite sport.

That was five years ago and Matt has been steadily improving. Although he will definitely challenge himself on more difficult intermediate and even the occasional black diamond trail, he’s not an aggressive or fast skier, but more of an all-around decent recreational one. He steers clear of the woods but isn’t averse to the occasional bump or more challenging conditions.

That’s why the Rossignol Pursuit TI is the perfect ski for him. When Rossignol gave him these skis to try last winter, I ordered him a slightly longer pair than he had been renting (he’s 5’ 10” and the skis are 170s). He eyed them dubiously when they arrived but as soon as they were on his feet he realized that they gave him the two things he really needs as a solid intermediate skier: Great stability on the more groomed snow that he likes as well as help executing graceful turns.

These skis have a traditional camber, which means that they curve upward in the middle of the ski and have contact points close to the ends. With this style of ski, Matt’s body applies an even pressure on the edges, which makes him feel confident when he’s working on his turns.

And if you’re a fellow skiing mama whose interested in a pair of skis for herself, check out my review of the Rossignol Temptation 82 Open.


Rossignol Temptation 80

Rossignol Temptation 80 Skis – Adrienne

I’m an intermediate-ish skier who after years of rentals, coupled with a long break from skiing, is just starting to gain more momentum on the mountain again. When I had the opportunity to try out the Rossignol Temptation 80 skis with Saphir 110 bindings I was squealing. I opted for the Temptation 80’s even though they were a little more advanced than my current ability. You don’t buy new skis with the changing season and I wanted to leave room for improvement and give myself more of a challenge. My goal has been to break away from my cautious nature on skis (and it’s starting to happen).

I immediately felt the difference from my old rentals. These Rossis provide a more solid grip on the snow and turning is easier at all speeds. My turns are not only easier but tighter and I have better control on steeper pitches.  I’m finally starting to ski with more confidence and speed on both groomed trails and glades. And, although more time on the mountain helps, this new found confidence has a lot to do with these sweet new pair of skis. Optically, the skis have a feminine edginess to them that is just the icing on the cake.

The Temptation 80’s are a perfect ski for someone who is comfortable on the mountain but wants to push themselves to become a more advanced skier and an all-around excellent ski for thrill seeking mamas.


Darn Tough Socks
Darn tough socks keep your toes toasty – plus they are cute!

Darn Tough Socks – Gina

When my husband was a kid, he suffered on the slopes with freezing cold feet. Before I became a skier, frozen feet was the thing that came up the most when he talked about his time on the slopes. According to him, the temperature of one’s feet was the factor that determined whether or not you were going to have a good day on the mountain. And as a dad, the last thing he wanted was for his own kids to suffer the way he did. The solution? Darn Tough.

Crafted in Northfield, Vermont of high-density, fine gauge Merino wool, Darn Tough socks are knit with more stitches per inch than any other brand out there. Our family’s over-the-calf, ultra-fine ski socks have served us well—parents and kids alike. I’ve been known to wear mine from the slopes to an après hang and into bed at night! Here’s what we love.

  • They’re completely seamless—there are no bumpy bits at the toe to rub against your boot. Plus, the fine gauge wool means more wool with less bulk, which means a tighter fit and warmer tootsies.
  • They’re made from 100% Merino wool, which is naturally wicking—keeping your feet dry and toasty even if they get a bit damp.
  • Merino is also naturally antimicrobial, which means less odor—we’ve worn ours several days in a row without having stinky feet. Just hang them to dry after a day of skiing and you’re good to go again the next morning. And with three kids, less laundry makes this mama a happier mama.
  • Darn Tough socks are also extremely durable—mine are going strong long after my Smartwool socks wore through on the balls of my feet. And the company offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee—which you probably won’t need anyway.
  • And finally, while warmth and comfort are obviously of primary importance when it comes to a ski sock, you can’t overlook the fact that Darn Tough has some pretty adorable prints. Bright colors and fun patterns make these socks cozy—and darn cute to boot!

Rossignol Roc Boot and Helmet Bag

Rossignol Roc Boot and Helmet Bag – Adrienne

A good boot bag(s) is a must for skiing families. The Rossignol Roc Boot and Helmet Bag is a simple, roomy bag that fits all of your ski gear in one efficient space. What it lacks in separate organizational compartments, it makes up for in capacity. My boots, gloves, goggles and hats all fits in the open compartment while my helmet snuggly fits in the fleece lined inner bag. When not skiing, I can even fit my ski pants in the bag for complete gear storage. The bag includes a wide over the shoulder strap which works well given the amount of weight you can put in it. At around $50, this Rossi bag is an affordable option that every family should have in their closet.

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