About to take off!

I recently had an opportunity to try out the new ZipTour adventure at Stowe. I am not an adrenaline junkie nor do I care for heights. Knowing that, you would think that I would have opted out of something that required me to launch myself off of the top Mt. Mansfield and fly down the mountain 130 feet off the ground over rugged terrain. But I didn’t bolt because I had done the demo trainer at the base of the mountain (only 10 feet up) and felt extremely safe and secure in my harness and in the safety training I received. The equipment they provide you with is state-of-the-art. You will have to carry the 10 lb trolley on your back in between zips, so you will feel just how sturdy it is.

The demo station gets you comfortable with the equipment.


As you are carrying a backpack to transport the trolley up the mountain and in between zip lines, you can put your phone or other small items in the zip pocket. It is important to wear flat, comfortable shoes (no flip flops or slip ons). Although it was warm and sunny, I had on a light jacket and was glad, it was a little cool on the way down. The trolleys have a braking system that you operate while zipping. This allows you to control the speed at which you fly down the mountain. While you can get up to 60 mph, you certainly don’t have to.

Stowe Zip
What a view!


Unfortunately I did not have my teens with me this time, but I assure you I will be back with them before the season is out. Not just because I want them to experience it, but because the views are unbelievable and it was truly an awesome experience. For more information on Stowe Mountain Resort’s ZipTour and to book, visit

Note – you must be 10+ to ride this attraction.

The Mamas were on a retreat together visiting Stowe and Smuggs. It was so much fun to get together!

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