“It’s a FUN FAIR!” my 5 year old daughter excitedly exclaimed as our car crested the hill and rolled down toward the Bromley parking lot. As we approached the turn in, we could see a veritable candy land full of activities, which would no doubt lead to an exciting and fun filled day.

Summer vacation for us means plenty of outside time and as many adventures as we can stack into one day. Bromley Mountain Adventure Park proved to be an awesome space for us to do just that.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

We arrived at Bromley right as they opened on a beautiful day in July. The parking lot had plenty of spaces, and the line to check-in was short. It was an easy start for any mom traveling and adventuring with kids. Plus, we parked just far enough away from the activities to forget about the car, but close enough to grab extra sunscreen out of the glove box.

Right away, we met Oliver, our guide for the day who gave us a general layout of the park and answered any questions we had. Upon walking up the main stairs and into the park, we immediately noticed the gorgeous map of Bromley which explore both summer and winter activities on the mountain. Bromley Mountain is known as a “family mountain,” and we felt that vibe as we went about our day. The kid friendly attendants and operators were so great with my daughter and provided patient instructions about each activity.

Bumper Boats

When visiting Bromley with kids, make sure to visit the website or call ahead to get a description of height, age, and weight restrictions for the activities as they do vary. It’ll help plan your day. The first stop on the list for my daughter was the Bumper Boats and she had to clear the  “48 inches tall” restriction to participate.

My daughter had the absolute time of her life tooling around on the bright blue and orange boat, splashing with other kids while I played The Love Boat theme in my head. The small, motorized boats were easy to steer and were a great activity to kick off our day.

Spider Climb

Next up, the new Spider Climb. From its name we knew there would be fun climbing involved, and the 30-foot-tall inflatable slide on the other side didn’t disappoint. We made our way up through a grid of springy, flat bungees stopping halfway to let Aria rest. (It was challenging!). We made it up to the apex of the slide, and it was even more fun going down. I’d say this would be an awesome activity for somewhat older kids with a bit more length and strength.

shooting hoops
Aria shoots for a splash.

Shoot & Shower

It was a gorgeous blue-bird day, with puffy white clouds and lots of sun so we were happy to make our way over to Shoot & Shower Basketball for a cool down. Straightforward and fun, the basic premise is get the ball into the hoop and get a cooling rain shower on a hot day. The cold water surprised us, causing a cascade of giddy screams across the park.

In addition to these great activities, Bromley boasts a rock-climbing tour, mini golf, disc golf, an alpine slide, the Big Splash water slide, and a Giant Swing, and more. We focused on activities geared toward younger kids, so our next stop…

The Alpine Slide

This was by far, the favorite of the day for Aria and me alike. North America’s first triple-tracked alpine slide is still one of the longest slides in the world – a full 2/3 of a mile. A ski lift was our transportation to the top of the mountain and slide and the views were incredible. As we made our way up the mountain, we could turn around in our chairs and see Magic Mountain, Stratton, and miles of beautiful verdant Vermont. As we ascended, we saw riders joyfully demonstrating the best sliding techniques as they whisked by down below us. Before we knew it, it was time to make the leap and exit the lift.

Here is one of the places Bromley really stood out for me as a family mountain. It was all in the exit. The chair lift to me, has always been a little anxiety inducing. As a black woman in America, I am what you might call “new” to the world of winter sports. While snowboarding was something I tried once or twice, I had my concerns about taking my 5-year-old on the lift without very much experience myself.

The operators were awesome and recommended that my daughter ride on the left side for an easy and graceful exit at the top. They taxi-ed slowly and with practiced ease, scooped my daughter up and off the lift as she got the hang of the dismount. If something as mundane as a lift-ride was done in such a professional and connected way, I’m excited to see what learning to ski and board will look like this winter at Bromley.

Alpine Slide at Bromley Mountain Adventure Park
All smiles, all day on the alpine slide.

Once we reached the top of the slide, we chose our sled. The tracks were numbered 1-3, with doubled-up riders on track 3, single and more advanced riders on track 2, and Alpine Slide pros on track 1. This was great as a mom of a younger child, as I knew she’d be right there with me as we made our way down the mountain.

The attendants were a fantastic combination of sweet and professional. They gave me all the instructions I needed to know, facts about the course, and (maybe most importantly) explained the brakes to me while simultaneously having my daughter feel like she was one of the team. All the staff that we met laughed and joked with Aria and treated her so well. While we had an amazing time at the park, what she talks about the most are the friendly people she met along the way.

Cruising down the mountain at top speed (but with the brake readily available), we made turns and twists all while laughing our heads off. While we were mostly focused on going top speed, it was great having the brake accessible because at any point we could slow down if needed.

Lunch Break at Wild Boar Tavern

After our (many) alpine slide runs, it was time for a lunch break. While the weather was in our favor; all blue skies and sunshine, we opted for the inside seats (and the air conditioning) at the Wild Boar Tavern. The Tavern also has jaw dropping views of Magic Mountain and Stratton. The menu was extensive, and we found lots of great options for both of us. Our favorite? The homemade chips!

Endless Activities

After packing up lunch, we tried out the “Trampoline Thing.” After a short instructional session by friendly attendees, my daughter jumped, bounced, and flopped to her heart’s content. After getting her jump on, we decided some shade would be a great idea and went for a short walk over to the Aerial Adventure Park.

The aerial park is open to kids 7 and up and has sixty-five unique elements spread over five different course levels, all in the trees. It’s a beautiful course situated near the Big Splash Waterslide. It provides both challenging physical adventure and a shady respite from the rest of the park. We are counting down until my daughter is of age and we can all go!

swim girls at Bromley Mountain
The “Sun Mountain” delivered which made water play all the more fun.


Time to Splash and Snack

Next, we did a quick costume change into bathing suits and went to the Big Splash Water Slide. At 456 feet long, this was just the right balance of fun and thrilling. The slide had unexpected twists, turns, and tunnels, and it was delightfully refreshing as we came sliding into the final tidal wave of awesome at the bottom.

Following our big splash, we stopped for a quick snack at the aptly named Sun Deck and enjoyed the buzz of the now busy park under an umbrella. In the afternoon, the park took on a new feel. Boisterous families in full vacation mode, some with dogs on leashes, played mini golf. Others ascended the climbing tower, and still others on the disc golf course. There was so much to do in one day. After one more trip up the lift and down the Alpine Slide, we stopped by the big gumball machine and the giftshop which had a cool selection of stickers, clothing, gear, and postcards.

Bye for Now

We had a blast visiting Bromley Mountain Adventure Park. From the very first moment, we were treated exceptionally well by everyone we met at the park and the “family feel” that Bromley is going for resonated in us during our visit. Families can expect to enjoy adventure filled outdoor fun with easy access and tons of variety.

We are both excited to get out on the mountain again and tackle snowboarding or skiing lessons there this winter. It is because of our awesome summer experience the mountain that we are excited for what winter can share with us at Bromley.

Bromley Mountain Adventure Park
What a beautiful day to be in the mountains.

Top Tips for a Summer Visit to Bromley Mountain Adventure Park

Plan ahead. Check the website for activities and restrictions so you can plan your day of play accordingly and avoid any upset youngsters.

They don’t call it the Sun Mountain for nothing. I would definitely recommend sunscreen if you’re headed to Bromley. While there are shaded areas of the park, most of the elements are out in the elements. Be prepared to bask.

Pack a swimsuit! The Big Splash water slide provides a nice way to cool down after enjoying the sun all day.

Bring a camera. Between the sweeping views and never-ending smiles, you’ll want to capture the special moments you experience at Bromley.



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