This time last year my family embarked on our second family ski trip EVER to Bromley Mountain in southern Vermont and it was a huge learning experience. Between the gear rentals, the hesitancy of our kids at first to try the magic carpet, and just our own unease as parents getting back into skiing, it was a lot. It was a fun trip, but during this year’s travels to the Green Mountains we ironed out all of the kinks we went through last year. If you’re wondering how your kids will progress at skiing, I can now attest that it’s pretty amazing to see what a difference a year makes. I should add it was brutally cold on our first day and not a peep of complaints from either child.

Bromley Mountain’s top notch ski school is excellent at helping kids of all ages learn to ski and ride. Last year, my youngest was 3 years old and enrolled in the Mighty Moose program which combines a safe, comfortable child care setting with 90 minute morning and afternoon lessons. The level of patience the instructors at the Mighty Moose program possess is well beyond any level that I have and they deserve some serious credit. My own preschooler largely stayed on the program’s small learning hill that only they have access to and only dabbled in the larger terrain based hill last season. He was the cute kid in a brightly colored bib that at times was teary eyed when he was frustrated.

This big guy is now leading the way on the magic carpet at Bromley’s ski school. This wasn’t this case last year!

This year he was still part of the Mighty Moose program but he was now the kid who confidently walked over to the terrain based learning hill and hopped on the magic carpet with ease. He wanted to join the bigger kids on the lift and after his lessons we tried out some green trails. He’s now the kid who doesn’t want to stop skiing when we finally called it a day. This definitely didn’t happen last season!

Now the real thrill was seeing the difference in my now 7-year- old who’s been enrolled at Bromley’s Kids Rule camp. Last year she didn’t have the desire or ability to ride the chair lift and stayed close to the learning hill. This season she excitedly took US into the trees and was eager to try out some blue trails! She was even taking the lift without an adult during her lesson. I probably let out a little gasp when I first saw this happen but she looked so calm and chatty with the little girl next to her that I knew she was fine.

Bromley's Ski School
Year two at Bromley’s Kids Rule camp was hugely successful and this was probably the last time we saw our daughter on the learning hill. Mountain top from here on out!

Bromley’s ski school works with kids to truly help them develop into confident skiers through age appropriate activities and small groupings of kids per instructor. Both the Mighty Moose and Kids Rule camp have ski and board rentals available right on site so if you need them you can bypass the rental shop. One of the ways in which our skiing lives were made easier this year is that we leased and bought used gear for our kids which was a huge time saver and will save you money if you plan on skiing several times in a season. Plus our kids are getting accustomed to their gear which makes our lives easier!

I can honestly say, my kids now LOVE skiing and I owe a lot of this to the excellent education they’ve received at mountains like Bromley.  Bromley allows ski school to be fun and gets kids on the mountain with confidence.  I can’t wait to see what the difference another year will make.

Here’s my initial review of Bromley from last season.  Plus take a look at my recap of the adult ski school program at Bromley because lessons aren’t just for your kids!

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