Celebrate Mother’s Day with us!

We want to give something back to a few lucky shredding mamas this Mother’s Day. Consider it a thank you for all you do when it comes to getting your family outside and on the slopes every winter.

Share your best family mountain memory from this winter season with All Mountain Mamas and be entered to win one of three sur-prize packages. Packages will include gear from Skida, Darn Tough, and Rossignol. Enter your story in the comments below and send a photo to allmountainmamas@gmail.com. 

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Mama Sarah’s greatest memory was the riding the chair lift with her son, Oliver, for the first time at Sugarbush. It was one of many milestones for her four year old, which also included skiing without a harness, turning, stopping, and the infamous duck walk. Read about that day in “Sugarbush Base Cabins to Stay Warm this Winter.”

Family chair lift ride at Sugarbush Vermont
Sarah, Ollie, and Chris ride the “Sunny D” at Sugarbush Resort.

We can’t wait to read and share your stories from the season. Three cheers for all the mountain mamas out there!

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Entries for this giveaway will be accepted through Monday, May 10, midnight EDT. We will announce the winner in the comments, and reach out on Tuesday, May 11. Email allmountainmamas@gmail.com with any questions or to email your submission.


  • This was the first year that my 12 and 9 year olds begged for season passes to Bolton. We have skiied two or three times a year but this year we felt a great need to be connected with friends on the mountain. We bought passes in late Spring that are good for next year too. It was waaaaay out of our budget to do this but to see my kids happily skiing with friends and asking to stay longer each day makes it worth it. ????❤️

  • My best memory was taking our three boys skiing on a bright, 68 degree day in March! We got our 2 year old skiing (he did 6 runs and the chairlift!) and our 4 year old did a blue square all on his own! Our 3 month old just watched us old, anxious to get out there himself! I was a proud mama and excited for all the skiing trips in our future!

  • This winter found me out of work and my 10 year old ripper learning from home…which meant a lot of time on the hill together. Im very grateful that during an incredibly challenging and uncertain time for so many I was able to make incredible memories with my boy. I got much stronger and he got much more patient. Not to mention all the chair lift talks…chair lift talks are the best!

  • My 5 year old wasn’t as in-love with the slopes this year as she was at the end of last season after her first group season-long lessons. After trying on our own, and even with help from her older sister, with limited options this year, we decided to hire her instructor from last season for a private lesson for two consecutive days- just an hour a day. Sometimes you have to recognize that you need help mamas! This did the trick and gave her confidence- to the point that we were shutting down the mountain some days because she wanted that last chair!

  • This season my 14 year old taught his buddy who doesn’t come from a skiing family to ski because it was a way they could be together. We loaned him the gear and acted as the parents on the mountain. Was amazing to see the love our family has for skiing passed on by my 14 year old.

    • We always wear hat, scarf and glove during winter time. My daughter loves to go to the snow and that is why we need to wear winter accesories like hats, scarf and gloves. Thank you for the chance tp win.

  • As seasoned ski veterans, my husband & I would take a trip each season to check out mountains away from home and upon return the kids would be awed by our pictures. For the last 3 years, we have been encouraging our 3 kids, now 14, 12, and 6 years old, to improve their skills to join us on the “big mountain” instead of the bunny slopes. We wanted to be able to share our love of “cruising the mountain” and have another activity that could be enjoyed all together. The process has been slow due to less than generous snow conditions the last few years. While all 3 started off trying snowboarding, the older 2 have found they prefer skiing while the youngest has been determined to stick with his snowboard. This season gave us a wonderful dump of snow and the push our kids needed to improve their skills. By the end of February this year, our youngest finally graduated to the “big” side. The constant encouragement to not give up and the promise of a “mountain trip away from home” made all the difference. Now we just have to agree on where to go: they have big dreams!!!

  • I have not been able to ski the last two seasons but for a very good reason… we welcomed my big boy Benny on Jan 25, 2020. BUT that did not stop me from going to the mountains. With Ben in a hiking backpack we cheered on big brother, Jacob (5) from the side of the slopes. I can’t wait to get back out there next season with all my boys!

  • This year we decided to return to Smugglers Notch where both our boys learned to ski in their amazing ski school. Declan, now 16, attended at 3, 4, & 6 and Liam, now 14, attended when he was 4. It was wonderful to return, reminisce, and enjoy great skiing. It was a great week and hard to believe it took us 10 years to return.

  • Skiing this winter brought us a sense of “normalcy” and peace. We continued to say each day out “we are so thankful and grateful for these mountains!” Our 1st grader had 4 days in person and 1 day at-home learning. We took that “extra” day as a way for our family to get out and enjoy the slopes together, as a family, to balance the challenging days, the transitions, the loss, the hardships. It was a wonderful winter.

  • Best mountain memory of 2021… our youngest shredder finally starting to connect her turns! Her older brothers were so excited to take her all over the mountain! My husband and I shared a sigh of relief and were really proud of our parenting abilities. The days of taking turns getting out on the mountain or sitting one out for the team is over. We ended our season with 70° days at Jay Peak in mid-April. Seeing our kids so happy and all of us together on the mountain has landed us in the place I like to call the parenting sweet spot.

  • My best moments from the ski season this winter (besides seeing my kids so happy to be able to do what they love—ski) was lunches with my family in the parking lot. We started the season not knowing how we would be able to eat well and stay warm. By the end, it had become a beautiful family routine with kids choosing and packing their own lunches, warm thermos meals and a shared sense of adventure.

  • I broke my collar bone skiing this year so opted to snowshoe while my husband and son skied. Every chairlift ride they went on, I received a phone call or text from my son saying he missed me skiing with him. Thankfully I made it back in the hill before the season ended and share many beautiful runs and sunsets with them.

  • Not my entire family because we all live so far away but I was able to hit the mountain with my daughter who lives in Lake Tahoe. We had a blast though we missed our guys; Dad and brother/hubby and son. The weather was amazing and my mountain hugs were priceless. ❤️ we cannot wait to all ski together next season since it is something we have lived to do together for the last 22 years!

  • Due to covid we spent the winter at our home mountain, skiing every weekend. As a result of doing this, instead of going away to different resorts, we made a bunch of new ski friends and wound up skiing with them. My 16 and 12 year old kids are very social so this made it more fun for everyone. We made friends from social media groups that met up with us, and moms from the ski race program. We would never have met these people or had these fun ski days together had we not hunkered down together at just 1 resort for the season. While we’re looking forward to venturing back out next season, I’ll always cherish this season for how special and unique it was for the e of us.

  • Smartest thing my wife and I did for our two girls was enrolling them in the “Mommy, Daddy and Me” ski program at Smugglers’ Notch. Same instructor, same group of new skiers and same families for the entire season. Lots of fun, girls became confident and lifelong skiers and riders. Memorable family days skiing at Smuggs’.

  • Had a blast night skiing in Massachusetts and a few trips to Vermont this season with my 9 year old. Watching his confidence grow with every run made my heart swell with pride! Helped my confidence as I’m a beginner too ⛷ ????.

  • Year 0: Pumping in the bathroom at Bolton and Sugarbush. Year 1: green runs in the spring with baby in backpack. Year 2: snow plowing on leashes, lots of bribes. Year 3/4: more snow plowing and leashes, new baby in the lodge, taking turns with hubs, more bf in the lodge. Year 5: #1 off leashes, #2 on leashes and Edgywedgy Year 6: everyone off leashes!!!! Year 7: everyone is ripping and Mum can finally really ski again. Year 8: Mum can’t keep up anymore ????????

  • My best memory was my son trying skiing for the first time and loving it (we moved to VT from the south a year ago) . Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  • Our race team was canceled due to the pandemic for my youngest so we didn’t get to ski every weekend like we are used to. We books a long weekend at Mt.Snow for her 6th birthday with another family from our team. It was so wonderful to see our kids skiing together again after a tough year for all of us. It felt normal and was so good for our mental health. Nothing makes you feel better than a bluebird day on the slopes!

  • It was a get boarding and ski season with my boys, I love to see them grow but also means that I don’t get to spend as much time with them anymore because I can’t keep up with them anymore.
    I think my favorite memory was the last day day on the season during spring break at Windham Mountain. Conditions were pretty rough in some spots and both boys stayed with me the whole way down to make sure that I was alright making it though the rough spots and giving me encouragement along the way. Usually they just meet me at the bottom, they even stopped and let me take pictures on the trail of the 2 of them together which they know makes me happy. I am sharing a picture of the 3 of us on Chair lift – with my oldest social distancing from us, lol.

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